HERBOIDRISSI Is a Moroccan  Owned and Managed Company Created in 2007  , Processing and Exporting Herbs spices, seeds , vegetables and essential Oils , We sell in local and international markets ,

Our network consists of a congregation of farmers, retailers and wholesalers who have over 60 years experience in herb production.

Not only do we use the most suitable methods for growing the herbs, we also have custom made machinery in our factories to clean, dry and crush the herbs. Packaging takes place within our factories until the final step of exporting the herbs to our clients.

We are fully aware of the importance of quality with regards to our service and products . Export Herbs main aim is to export high quality herbs in its raw state. We also strive for orders reaching its destination within the shortest possible time and maintaining competitive market prices.

We also follow a strategy of providing farmers their payment immediately after receiving crops so that farmers may continuously grow high quality herbs.

Our high quality products , Commitement and Long term Vision helped us to Export to many markets :  Europe , Middle East , North Africa , and we are looking forward for more markets Especially Africa , Asia and South America •